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AgenaTrader -  the base of our success



After a few disappointments, the AgenaTrader became the platform of our choice for our strategy approach more than 5 years ago (to be precise since September 3, 2014).
The multitude of options up to fully automatic trading have convinced since then.screenshot monitor left
Today we use it in a variety of ways, especially for strategy monitoring.

Take a look at the diverse possibilities of the AgenaTrader with a 30-day demo access without obligation.

The open interface to C # programming, even via Microsoft Visual Studio, gives sufficient scope for extensive developments.

Regardless of whether you want to trade futures, forex, shares, options or CFDs, in AgenaTrader you will almost always find the right solution for your trading needs thanks to extensive interfaces to data feed providers and brokers.


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recommended data providers:


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TAI-PAN Realtime or TAI-PAN End-of-Day



The data supply from Lenz + Partner leaves nothing to be desired.
Data interfaces exist for almost all common trading software systems.

The long historical data series provided by Lenz + Partner are a particularly outstanding advantage.
Even tick data are available for extensive back tests up to 2002.

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TeleTrader Data Service

High Quality Market Data

Teletrader is a high quality data feed provider that has proven itself as a reliable data supplier for many years.

Depending on the trading platform, you will usually find tailor-made data subscriptions on their pages, just have a look at their pages if necessary or ask their support.

The range of instruments and news usually fits all needs.

You can get a first impression of their range of services regardless of a trading platform here:

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